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We were able to get a quick word in with Rachael Grinham in-between her very busy schedule with tournaments and the Commonwealth Games on the horizon.
Q: We’ve noticed you have been doing a fair bit of travelling for tournaments and the like.  Can you tell us I bit about where you have been in the last 30 days?
Yes I was away for most of December with 3 international PSA events to compete in. I had quite a successful tour qualifying to compete in my 22nd consecutive World Open main draw, while also surpassing my 5/8 seedlings to make the semi-finals of events in both Monaco and Pakistan. With barely a chance to relax over Christmas I was then off to Saudi Arabia in first week of January to compete in the history-making first ever international women’s sporting event to be held in the country. It’s been an exciting period.

Q: Are you going to be maintain this work load leading up to the Commonwealth Games in April 2018.
My work load will remain the same as it has been over the last few years, which depends largely on schedule. I still have quite a few PSA events coming up between now and the Commonwealth Games so I will be doing what I always do with the main priority of being super careful with looking after my body.

Q: With such an illustrious career could you briefly tell us about, in your opinion the victory that sticks out the most?
The one match that I will never forget and was so happy to win was the final of the British Open against Nicol David in 2007. This was during a period when my results had recently taken a dip and Nicol had begun what would be a 9-year unbroken run at World #1. The fact that I was 2-0 down and came back to win in 5 sets I think made it all the more exciting and memorable. The victory gave me a 4th British Open Title.

Q: What’s your weekly training schedule consist of?
As I said training depends largely on my schedule of tournaments coming up, but relatively very different from what the majority (20-30yr olds) are out there doing. I probably spend at least 50% of my allocated training time doing exercises such as stretching, (foam)rolling, to keep my muscles and joints loosened up and mobile. I also prefer to keep my court movement to a minimum to reduce the impact on my joints, so I will do a lot of solo work hitting and try to mostly do any cardio work through low-impact options, eg. versa-climber, swimming, stairs.

Q: If a junior squash player was just about to start playing on the PSA tour.  What’s 3 pieces of advice you could offer them? 
1. Make sure whatever happens you’re enjoying it.
2. Be prepared to work hard.
3. Give it a shot while you have the chance - whether you reach your goals or not it’s a great life experience to be able to get out and see the world, make some great friends, and have no regrets.
Thanks Rachael Grinham xx

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