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 Backyard Birdies recently conducted an interview with PSA player and BB Ambassador Ellie Jones.

Q: You recently returned from Australia to your home in England.  During this time, you managed to compete in a few PSA tournaments.  Can you tell us about your trip?

A: I kick-started my PSA career with a 2-week trip to New Zealand for the Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers NZ international classic in Palmsteron North. I was quite nervous as it was my first senior tournament and I knew it would be a step up from juniors. However, I was really pleased with the fact I got through qualifying and made it to the main draw, as this was my goal going into the tournament. I then went onto another 5k tournament in Matamata where I also made the main draw, which I was very pleased with.

I also competed in the South Australian open, which was in Adelaide, in which I also made the main draw.

I absolutely loved my time in Brisbane where I was training full time, as this was my first opportunity to do so since leaving school. It allowed me to really focus and improve my game, whilst also making friends for life.


Q: In the last 12 months, you've made a jump from junior level to professional PSA level.  Tell us about your transition, as well as the difference that you've found between Junior to Senior squash?

A: The transition to senior level was a little daunting at first, I was expecting to struggle much more than I actually did, which was a relief! Thanks to advice from training partners and friends who had much more experience than me on the PSA tour, his made it easier also. The main difference I’ve found between junior and senior squash is that no opponent is going to be easy, this is because all of the players on the tour take it seriously and will give it their all, so you can never write someone off.


Q: You've now got a busy schedule balancing university studies on top of your squash.  How have you found it trying to balance both commitments?

A: Luckily when I was at boarding school I had plenty of practice in balancing workload as well as training full time. So, at university I am going to ensure I plan each week properly and carefully in advance so that I know I am fitting everything in effectively, as well as giving myself some down time, which is very important.


Q: What tournaments are you looking to play in the next 12 months?

A: I am looking to play the London Open in November and I am also very keen to do a tour in Australia and New Zealand yet again, because I loved it so much this year!


Q: If people want to follow your progress and stay connected what is the best social media channel to keep stay updated?

A: The best social media channels to keep updated with my results and progress is my, Facebook page: Ellie Jones Squash and my Instagram account: @ellieojones_


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