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In ancient China, magnesium was called the beautiful metal because it will bring nothing but beauty to one’s life, body and skin. Magnesium chloride, gained from sea water evaporation offers a medical miracle to humanity. 

There is no wonder drug that can provide the astounding results of Miracle Mist!

The following hints are the result of personal experience and that of our customers. We are confident that you will find the information enlightening. 

Miracle Mist can be sprayed onto hands and rubbed in to avoid over spraying.

Hints for Skin: 
Use twice daily on wrinkled skin and you’ll be amazed as your skin smooths and wrinkles fade away! Many have found that with regular application their age spots disappeared too!

Rubbing Miracle Mist daily into scar tissue will often cause the tissue to return into normal tissue. Customers are also thrilled to discover that with twice daily use skin tags will eventually drop off.

Massaging Miracle Mist into sore aching muscles and joints will often give quick relief from pain; including arthritic and fibromyalgia pain as well. 
Using a hot wet compress on top of the application enhances absorption. 

Regular spraying of Miracle Mist on sun-damaged skin will rejuvenate the skin. If you experience stinging this can be an indication of damage within the tissues. 

Important Note: If you have skin damage, the magnesium may tend to sting. 
You can dilute Miracle Mist up to 50% with Miracle Waters or distilled water. Over time, with regular use, the magnesium will heal the skin tissues, stinging will subside, and you can begin to use the product at full concentration.

Hint for Nerve Damage:
Daily massaging of Miracle Mist into areas affected by neuralgia (sciatica etc...) can be miraculously effective in relieving pain and discomfort. Evidence has shown that magnesium does regenerate nerve tissue!

Hint for Teeth & Gums:
Used regularly as a mouth rinse whitens the teeth and strengthens gum tissue. 

Hint to restore magnesium levels quickly:
a. Pour 50 ml into a hot bath to provide a very relaxing 30 minute soak and ease aching muscles while delivering a huge amount of magnesium to the cells. 
b. An alternative to a bath soak is a foot-bath – use 50 ml and soak feet for 30 minutes. 
c. Use as a mouth rinse; the magnesium is absorbed quickly sublingually.

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