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Alkalizer Kit Starter Pack Sodium Bicarbonate

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An acidic body invites disease. A pH balanced body is a healthy body.Restore your pH balance and create a body that can withstand life’s stresses.
The challenge with most alkalizing protocols is that they alkalize the gut and extracellular tissues. This kit provides the perfect alkalizing protocol to alkalize from inside the cell, restoring mitochondrial function while promoting healthy digestion and healing the gut at the same time.
Paying attention to your body’s pH can help you stay slim and healthy.
The most common form of pH imbalance is excess acidity, which not only impacts your overall health, but also greatly impedes your weight loss efforts. This is because, outside of the stomach, acidity is a major cause of hormonal imbalance. Anything that upsets hormonal balance has the potential to cause weight gain.
What causes pH imbalance and cellular acidity?


  1. An acidic, low-oxygen environment in the body which is a result of eating diets that are heavy in sugars, dairy, meats, refined grains, fast foods and processed foods. These foods are all lacking in essential micro-nutrients, they leave behind an acidic ash following digestion.
  2. A lack of the proper building blocks for the cell membranes that don’t allow for the transfer of oxygen and nutrients into the cells. Cell membranes are made up of lipids (fats), and the body will use whatever form of fats that you are consuming, even if they are toxic and will clog the cells. Eat healthy fats, such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil and butter.
  3. A lack of permeability of the cell membrane will cause a build-up of cellular toxicity which further damages the respiratory mechanisms within cells; not allowing the cell to breathe and remove waste, forcing the cell to switch over to the fermentation process of energy production in order to survive.
  4. Poor blood and lymph flow due to the lack of movement and exercise.
    Combining Organic Sodium Bicarbonate and Miracle provides the perfect combination for oxygenating and alkalizing on the cellular level!

Alkalizer Kit Includes:

  • Information Booklet
  • One month supply of Miracle Mist
  • Organic Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 8 pH test strips.


  • Test your pH twice weekly in the morning before eating or drinking.
  • Fill mouth with saliva and swallow – then place the test strip in your mouth for 1 second.
  • Compare results with the 4 closest matching colour bands on the chart.
  • Ideal pH is in the 7 range.